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       Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a technique used for removing dents from the body of a vehicle. Many types of damage to a vehicle can be repaired by means of PDR under the condition that the paint finish is intact. No matter if your vehicle has aluminum or steel panels, our method will work. The most common types of damage that PDR is used to repair is: door dings, creases, hail damage, moderate to large dents, and damage along a vehicle’s bodyline. PDR is also useful to body shops for more severe repairs as it can reduce the amount of body work and filler necessary to repair a panel. The flexibility of the vehicle’s paint finish as well as the extent that the vehicle’s metal is stretched are both determining factors in how successful PDR can be. To put it simply, the deeper the dent, the more intense the impact, or the more stretched the metal is, the more difficult the repair will be. Dents do not have to only occupy a small space either. Dents that extend more than just a couple inches are often times repairable by means of PDR as well. Ultimately, PDR offers a more affordable and practical way to repair damage to a vehicle given that the extent of the damage is not unreasonable in terms of ability to be repaired using PDR.




Crease dents are some of the most complex to repair. Typically, these are a result of an accident or collision. What makes these so complex is the way that these dents contort the metal along a vehicle’s bodyline. Often times, attempting to repair damaged metal and restore a vehicle’s body to its original shape can seem impractical. This is because every car has its own unique metal memory that is formed during production when the metal is heavily heated to form its shape. When a vehicle receives a crease dent, their metal memory is usually lost, thus making PDR more difficult.

Door dings are small imperfections on a vehicle panel typically resulting from the unintentional contact of another vehicle’s door. These are generally located on a vehicle’s fenders and doors. Often times these are the result of someone else being careless with their vehicle in a parking lot. Door dings are usually fairly easy to repair when no bodywork or paintwork is necessary.

Small to moderate size round dents typically result from a round object like a baseball, golf ball or basketball. Sometimes they are also the result of a piece of hail. These items tend to hit and bounce off the vehicle leaving behind a small to moderate dent or dimple in a vehicle’s body. These are common on many vehicle panels including the hood, roof, deck lid, doors, and fenders. As with any other type of ding or dent, a PDR specialist can usually repair these dents rather easily and return the panel to its original condition as long as the vehicle’s paint finish is not damaged.



Pros of PDR

                      • Maintains your vehicle’s original paint finish
                      • Escape expensive body shop repair bills
                      • Environmentally-friendly alternative to body work
                      • Fast and efficient service
                      • No need to repaint, sand, or use body filler


Convenient Service

                             • We can come to you
                             • We will save you time and money
                             • Maintains the original paint of your vehicle
                             • Our Staff is Friendly and Experienced
                             • We offer FREE estimates - Simply text us a picture


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